We checked into the hotel (Fairmont Banff Springs) today. Its nice and castley, and it has all the amenities. Since we don't need to do anything until 6:30 (an hour ish from now) we walked back down to the town and had a scout around. McDonalds in Canada is the same as in Australia - tasteless. Although the waste recepticals are automated and say 'Thank you' when you put your rubbish in them. And the post-mix machine has iced tea in it. And the salt packets contain sugar (dextrose). In our adventures we found a Dollar shop, and a radio shack. I also found JOLT cola at the Safeway (Woolworths). Its an energy drink that is 695ml of caffeinated goodness. 140mgs per serve apparently. Tastes good too. I've heard that is an awesome drink, and its true. We haven't found any caffeinated Mountain Dew though. They only sell the caffeine-free variety here, like in Australia. The Americans will just have to keep it to themselves :P

This post's picture is an image of the jolt I purchased, taken from the bridge over the river in Banff.