Day 2 - Techncially

We arrived in LA ok, found our way over to our bags, through immigration, customs etc, run over the carparks to Terminal 2, only to be told by Air Canada we had missed our connecting flight. Again. This is not 45 minutes before the thing has to depart. Also, we are told that the seats were not booked on the flight from LAX to YYC (Calgary). Apparently e-bookings that Qantas do take 24 hours. Tosh. Anywoo, we are told to run to the gate quick sticks. Fine. Run to the boarding pass checking point. Wait. Run to security. Wait. Take off shoes, wait for trays etc. Get through checkpoint. Run to gate. See the gate isn't even started boarding yet. -_-

So yeah, we are totally in Calgary now, ready for sleep and our bus to Banff tomorrow. Happy times.