Back in my PHP NZ 2015 Wrap Up post, I mentioned this hashtag. This was started back at PHP NZ when the amazing Ben Dechrai had stickers for his little conference he was running.

I was unable to attend last year, but this year, thanks to a generous financial aid grant, I was able to attend my first BuzzConf!

BuzzConf isn’t just a technology festival, it’s intense. In-tents. <sad trombone>

Two main marquees set up in the middle of a camping ground, with ample space for activities, camping; dorms for the people who don’t like to camp; food tents, a beer tent, campfires every night… oh, and some talks and workshops.

And it’s not just full of technical talks. Sure, there were talks about robots, drones, AI, VR, and the like, but we also had some amazing lightning talks, like the talk on Empathy by Kate McCombs which was absolutely wonderful.

I also got to see Paul Fenwick at BuzzConf in a Buzz Lightyear jumper, which was amazing attention to detail :)

Not only were there incredible talks, the workshops were also fun as well. I even got to brushup on my soldering skills and made a light-up logo!

BuzzConf is an amazing family friendly tech festival that I encourage you to participate in next year. Even if camping is not your thing, just packing some warm clothes and cash for the food tents made for an amazing weekend of learning and fun.

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