A few of the key take aways from the two days:

On Creating

Put something new into the existing formula for surprising results - Nigel Dalton

On Team Dynamics

Combine devs and ops into different types of teams for different results - autobots, Project Gandalf, not just a black-box ops team - Javier Turegano

On Continuous Deloyment

Optimise foor fast feedback, chunk your changes. Keep your changes as close to the metal as possible for efficiency. Timings can be just as ghetto as a time(1) grok out of log files, as long as you have the data. - Lindsay Holmwood

On rising from the ashes

Break out session - test your backups. If your data center burns down and your backups are two months old, you’re in for more hurt.

On Learnings

Learnings is a word just as much as devops is.

On version control

Have some. - Will Thames

On Learning

“Make sure you share. Make sure you celebrate. Make sure you demonstrate. Take your experiences with you.” - @SteveElsewhere

On Empathy

It doesn’t just apply to devops. Empathy is important. Period.

On butt-selfie sticks

They exist.

On Ignite Talks

They are a baptism by fire.

On docker

It’s ok if your containers die.

On on-call

It’s perferrable to get a unique interesting error at 3am then something that’s preventable - Ali Graham

On organising meetups

Share the load, order not just pizza, and get vendor/recruiter buy-in for venue choice.