Last time, on my Public Speaking summaries…

“I’m going to be speaking less from now on.”

Talk 67, November 2017: Protect yourself against the bees 🐝, BSides WLG

~ time passes ~

Talk 80, October 2018: Turning wat into why, All Things Open

So yes, this has been my most quiet year to date, but the talks I have done have been big.

  • The same technical talk at both DjangoCon Europe and DjangoCon US
  • Speaking in London and Taipei about emoji
  • Reworking a talk into something more specialised

On that last point: I’ve been speaking about JavaScript wats for a while now. The first recorded version was a loud yelly-sweary version in a lightning talk, based on a quip in my bio at the time. That talk evolved into “JavaScript is Awe-ful” a summary of JavaScript wats, history, future, with a minor side-journey into wats from other languages. That sidejourney has now been taken out of the JS talk and into it’s own talk, “Turning wat into why”. It’s been presented twice, recorded once under the old name; so technically there is no video of this talk. Yet. I’m hoping that this talk gets picked up in 2019 so I can share it again.

A lot of my time this year has been running my own conference, giving a platform for others. Less travelling this year, but so much more time on conferences than ever before. And that is taxing. There’s so much effort that goes into running and event, and even though PyCon AU 2018 wrapped 2 months ago I’m only just starting to get the energy to attack next year’s version. I’m hoping that we can duplicate a bunch of what we did last year and iterate, as opposed to having to start from scratch, which should save time and help make the conference more efficient next year.

Right now, I’m tired. Both short term (having just gotten back from Raleigh) and long term. I am looking forward to a break coming up soon. It’s sorely needed. I have so much I haven’t been keeping up with recently, so having time for self-care will be so so so amazing. I also have no pending appearances as of writing. Looking at my speaking trello board, the only pending CFPs I have are for at least Feb/March, so I have a decent break from speaking too. A lot of that time will be used in conference prep, but I will be carving out time for myself.