That was one of the most intense weeks of my life.

LCA2015 was amazing. It’s going to take me a few days, weeks, if not months, to get my head around all the talks I saw, let alone the ones I really wanted to go to but were in other talks (e.g. my own)

The Penguin Dinner at Motat was one of the highlights - checking out the printing presses and old school telephony machines, surrounded by some handsomely dressed individuals, was hopefully that start of a new LCA tradition of themed, dress up Penguin Dinners.

Although it was my first LCA, the entire time I felt like I was welcome among friends, whether they were new friends or old ones.

I think it took about half a day of OSDC2013 to work out that the wonderful Cherie and Steve Ellis know how to run a conference, and I knew once I heard they won their bid for LCA2015 that it would be awesome. And it was.

A big thank you to all the volunteers, masters of their arts; the many people behind the scenes; the miniconf organisers, especially the multimedia and music miniconf organisers for accepting my little wallpaper talk that started my foray into public speaking. And of course to the conference chairs and papers committee for thinking that I was good enough for the big leagues.

I’m looking forward to Geelong 2016 and especially Hobart 2017, which I should have recovered my nerve by and might give this whole speaking thing another go :)

I am very much in need of sleep, but it was well worth it.