Those that know me know that I travel a lot. I know what to think about when choosing luggage: international vs domestic carry-on limits, the benefits of two vs four (“swivel”) wheels, hard vs soft cases, and other considerations. In this post, I take that knowledge and apply it to the luggage currently available on the emoji market: 🧳 U+1F9F3.


apple luggage

The offering from Apple is extremely vintage, sporting a classic leather design, with brass buckets and a single carry handle. This may not fit in standard overhead storage, and the lack of wheels means that may be cumbersome when trying to carry it around the airport. Judging by the stickers affixed to the surface, the leather should be durable and should withstand heavy use. But the entire aesthetic is very unique, perfect for the travelling salesman. 5/10

Google Android

google luggage

A classic hard-shell case, this case sports a tactical brushed metal finish, with a surface that supports many stickers. With a collapsible handle and low profile wheels, this should be the best companion for the frequent traveller. 4/10


ms luggage

With four swivel wheels, two front pockets, a handle and a tag for ownership information, this multi-purpose travel case, although bland in colour, looks to be a durable companion. 6/10


sam luggage

Looking at the profile on the single pair of wheels, be sure to load this into the overhead compartment with the wheels facing away from you, and take extra care to ensure the case doesn’t slip out as you open the overhead after landing, as damn this case looks like it will move. Swiftly. Into your face. This hardshell looks like a hazard. 3/10


whatsapp luggage

The muted palette on this case along with the multiple opening sections might make you mistake it for an army issue case, but the reinforced handle and durable zippers on this case should see you through many a transit. 6/10


twitter luggage

The profile on the wheels on this case may take away from the overall carry volume, but for the beginner traveller, the easy access pockets are a must have. Simple and practical. 7/10


facebook luggage

Fresh from the store with the display tag still affixed, this bag screams “first time traveller”. The extreme loss of volume in this squat case, though, means you’re never at issue of being overweight with a typical weekend trip. 3/10


joypixels luggage

This case goes for function over fashion, using as many cubic inches as it can with its low profile wheels and handle. The secondary carry handle should help with lifting, and in a pinch it should serve as a handy seat, judging by the reinforced case. 8/10


openmoji luggage

Sporting a similar aesthetic to the Apple case, this piece looks like it’s taken the brunt of many years of travel, judging by the wear on the facing stickers. It looks to be a well loved piece, and that’s all you really need; a simple case that will see you through your travels. 9/10


emojipedia luggage

The furthest this case will get you is down to the local shops. 1/10