This post serves to articulate my reasons for ignoring your LinkedIn connection.

I don’t log into LinkedIn unless prompted

I have no regular reason to log into LinkedIn, apart from email notifications that I have a new pending connection.

I don’t push to LinkedIn

I have personally found little to no value in posting content to LinkedIn, and the interface for seeing other’s content is not useful for me. The content I get on the homepage on the rare occasion I do log in is often full of stale information.

I won’t connect with you on LinkedIn if I don’t know you.

I appreciate it if you have seen me speak and want to connect.

LinkedIn is not the platform for that.

I am (as of writing) most active on Twitter, and I use that for a dual persona/professional network.

My privacy settings on LinkedIn are such that you should be able to at least find me, but that doesn’t give you open invitation to connect with me.

I will connect with you if we have a professional connection.

If we have or do work together, then yes, I’ll quite probably connect with you.

If we have had nothing as much as a handshake, the chances I accept your connection are close to zero.