I've been thinking for a while now that I need to consolidate my existing online writing profiles into one thing. This whole wordpress.com hosted platform isn't really my cup of tea (you're going to charge me for subdomain mapping? really?), and I have a perfectly good VPS to host these things on, but it's more of a case if I should or not.

I've been writing (sporadically) in online blogs for going on a decade now, but you won't find much of me out there, because I made the decision to disable and hide them a few years ago. Apart from their cringe-tastic nature, before the big social media kick of ~2008, I shared way to much with the world, and I didn't feel comfortable having that out there. Sure it's all indexed anyway, but the fact that it's a mouse click away from the current stuff in the Archives list worried me a bit.

I'm tempted to go back now and find those tech related posts and import them backdated for when they were originally released onto whatever new self-hosted platform I use. They might even get a bit of spell checking. But then the other issue remains: is that totally cheating? Importing old content just to make it look like I've been doing more writing (which I totally have?) makes me feel a bit bad. When I see fancy jekyll-driven blogs with very old content, it seems to justify the pre-padded effect that migrating to a new blogging platform provides. But again, self-censorship is sometimes a good thing (emo-trash poetry aside)

Update: wow, a free-hosted website from 2005 full of nothing but stills from Disney cartoons...

Update2: On second thought, let's not import all the old content. nukes laptop from space