I was recently lucky enough to have been able to participate in a day-long workshop with the amazing Damien Conway courtesy of Yow!’s Women in Tech competition.

I learnt so much though Damien’s mentoring, and the discussions with the other participants.

I’ve collated all my notes, which are available in full. Alternatively, I have listed below the “TL;DR” below.

 - You are the post powerful person in the room. Do what you like, as long as it's good.
 - You know more than the rest of your audience. Teach them something.

 - Don't distract your audience 
  - wear dark clothes, no words on your shirt. Focus then falls on your hands, arms and face
  - remove items, where possible. Clocks near projector screens are a disaster

 - Get a clicker
  - get one with a dongle and dedicated channel. 
  - you cannot rely on the internet working, or a directional clicker

 - There is nothing wrong with showing emotion
  - communication happens at a emotional and intellectual level
  - removing emotion cuts off communication

 - Slides tips
  - make them consistent
  - make the tone in line with your tone (more emotive slides during more emotive areas)
  - big words
  - full screen pictures
  - projector equipment will be awful, compensate

 - Posture tips
  - feet facing the audience, perhaps with one foot slightly forward
  - hands should never touch body
  - palms should face outward, and be inviting

 - Presenter presentation
  - make-up is ok, if it makes you comfortable and confident (also helpful if talk is recorded)
  - hair - up is very formal, but just don't touch it during

 - There is always more to learn
  - after a talk, self evaluate, write down suggestions