I love stickers.

I enjoy going going to places and doing sticker swaps. I love how I can get a tactile representation of conferences I enjoy and causes that I support.

Stickers :D

I used to have a lot of stickers on my Thinkpad. The above was from a conference where the AV team thought my stickers were so cool that they showed them off a little bit during a talk.

Well, when I say ‘my stickers’ and ‘my laptop’, the laptop was a work asset. Work assets stay at work. When you leave a place, the laptop stays, and the stickers stay with it.

I am still quite annoyed that my Barry Morgan sticker no longer adorns by laptop. I also have a metric butt-load of stickers that haven’t been stuck anywhere.

I could apply these to my current laptop. It’s my laptop. It’s a very nice laptop.

But I’m not going to.

Why? I’m not sure.

I tried applying some of my stash to my laptop, and I couldn’t do it. I ended up removing all of them (thank goodness for tacky-backed stickers and a chrome finish). And it’s not like stickers on chrome laptops don’t work, just look at what you can do on a macbook - see any macbook user ever.

This laptop is a few years old now. I’ve been toying with getting a X1 Carbon, and so any content on this laptop, data and stickers included, would be migrated. And that’s totally possible to do, see my mention earlier about chrome finishes.

But it’s still the fact that this is my laptop - this is my form factor. It’s been stickerless for years, and with stickers on it, it just looks.. wrong.

But the fact that this laptop looks weird with stickers should not be a catalyst for upgrading to the new hotness. Cognitive bias should not be a driving factor in hardware upgrading. I can stick more RAM into it, and it’ll be fine for a new more years.

But it will be stickerless. And that’s just the finite reality of it.