The Call For Proposals for PyCon AU 2018 is open right now, closing May 28, 2018.

If you’re having writer’s block trying to think of a talk to submit, I have a few ideas below. These are the sorts of things that, as an attendee, I would like to see at the conference.

I’ll be updating this list as I think of more topics, and will post when a major update occurs.

Adventures in metaprogramming

Teaching the basics of metaprogramming in Python, or advanced adventures down this rabbithole would be extremely interesting to me. I’m still realising the power of this functionality of Python, and I’d love to learn more.

Godot/Games programming

Have you made anything in Godot? Was your latest PyWeek submission pretty awesome? I want to see Python being used in these fields.

Trials of the Senior Dev

Learning Python is one thing, but being taught it in a workplace with a mentor or senior developer would interest me. Or, things that you have learnt being in this position.

Programming Wats

An absolute pet topic of mine, I’d love to see more Wats around the place: things in Python and common libraries that seem strange, but are there for very important – or obscure – reasons

New stuff in Python

F-Strings, mypy, 3.7, all the new shiny stuff that some of us haven’t heard of – if you have been playing around (or helping to develop!) these new functions, I want to hear all about it.

Important Note: These are topics that I would like to see as an attendee. I am an organiser of PyCon AU, but I am not a voting member of the review group. These are helpful suggestions rather than fast-lane tickets to the stage.