Lightning talks are 5 minute rapid fire talks, that are a staple of any PyCon.

I didn’t realise these talks would be live, and there is still that magic of having the hosts pop up on stream to tell you gently that your time is up!

But there is an added benefit of having streamed talks: the host can bring their cat on stream!

(The PyLadies auction items stream was also on at the same time, so I missed some talks, sorry!)


Speaker: André Roberge

pip install friendly to have friendlier errors, as proposed in PEP-534(?)

tox 4

Speaker: Bernat, tox maintainer

tox version 4 is currently in pre-release,, and has many new features, including building and installing wheels, docker runners, and pretty colours!

“I’m super excited about tox in general, but colours?! :D” - Dustin Ingram, Lightning talk co-host

py launcher: Better Python support on Windows

Speaker: Brett Cannon,

A talk starting with a Powershell and a Fish terminal is always going to be a fun talk.

py ensures you are using the latest version, and understand shebangs (#! prefixes in files)

Also available on Linux!

py -m venv .venv will automatically pick up your directory! Including subdirectories! for all the code.

When your name is too short

Speaker: Cheuk Ting Ho (twitter)

A personal story about hacking web forms because apparently 2 letters for a surname is too short!

Effective code reviews

Speaker: Jason C. McDonald (codemouse92)

Don’t “LGTM”. Actually review the code. Review the human elements (your linters are there for a reason). Find something positive to point out. Pair coding and code review are not interchangable.

How to handle many many many many many repos

Speaker: Jürgen Gmach (jugmac00]

pip install all-repos for mass git repo hacking (not GitHub, which I’m sure there’s another tool for)

Bonus: it’s also a library!

Bonus shoutout for

Speaker: Mfon (@mfonism)

“… I pulled an Al Sweigart” (and automated the stuff)

Flask 2.0

Speaker: Phil Jones (@pdgjones)

Summary: Flask 2.0…

  • has dropped Python 2.7 and 3.5
  • supports async await
  • still a wsgi framework, for asgi consider quart
  • short method route decorators

Developer Owned code security

Speaker: Clint

A live(!) SonarCloud demo

Load django settings with one magic line of code

Speaker: Daniel J Dufour

Pulls DJANGO_VALUE environment variables into VALUE within Django settings

(Not to be confused with, but see also for file-based loading of variables)