I don’t normally live-blog – heck, I’m still several wrap ups behind at this point – but I thought I’d note down some thoughts live from the sprints, because I’m having an … interesting day.

Portland has had some amazing weather for most of the conference. It was windy af yesterday, and now it’s a touch brisk, so the hoodies are out again.

Sitting in a room with many many BeeWare sprinters, we are also sharing room with Mycroft - an open source AI. It was singing earlier. I have a video. I can’t upload it quite yet because bandwidth, but it’s amazing.

A nice person has just brought in savoury snacks. Including, something that is apparently “veggie straws” - processed and reformed vegetables, in a chip/crisp/straw form-factor[0]. But there are also Cheezits, so that’s nice. I haven’t had the white chedder type before. They’re very more-ish.

It’s day three of the sprints, so it’s much quieter than the first two days. We gave away at least 20 Shaver coins on Day One, and quite a few Herder coins. Today, there’s been one or two coins already, but it’s been nice.

We’re getting to some meatier issues, and some extremely important content porting

Evening events are much enjoyed opportunities to quietly hang out. I had some more first-time “American Food” last night, in the form of Hush Puppies.

People are slowly leaving. Making sure you can give them one last hug before they leave is a thing. It hurts to miss doing that. But most of us will see each other again soon, so we have that to look forward to.

Also, all the talks have already been published online. There are also lists of recommended talks appearing, including one from Lacey, specifically for brushing up skills

0 - OMG the orange type of “Veggie Straws - Zesty Ranch” taste of Burgermen <3