Before I start, can I just say that pointing this out from the onset is incredible? Because it’s incredible.

In the opening address of PyCon US 2016, Brandon Rhodes said that your experience at the conference will be your own, and no two people will have the same conference.

He was completely right.

For the Sunday evening, and most of Monday and Tuesday, I was buzzing about the BeeWare booth, telling people about the sweet contributor coins and the hive of activity around the project[0].

So that’s like half of my conference already accounted for.

Not really, I did do a talk and I got to be a Session Chair for an amazing stream of HTTP related talks[1]. Apart from the talks in my session, and the session I chaired, I got to see one other talk, and two of the keynotes.

And that’s ok.

PyCon US was incredible with their video turn arounds. I’m talking hours. So because this wrap-up is coming days later, I can link to all the videos now!

All the videos from PyCon Us 2016

If you want a talk that better explains what BeeWare is all about, watch Russell’s A tale of two cellphones: Python on Android and iOS

“Jaw is on the floor and is going to be there for the next 15 minutes.” - @skimbrel

If you want a talk that’s part TLDR about HTTP, part standup, watch Sumana’s “HTTP Can Do That?!” talk.

If you want a talk that’s about being yourself, being authentic, and cookies, watch Adrienne’s Bake the Cookies, Wear the Dress: Connecting with Confident Authenticity talk.

Content warning: epic feels.

If you want to talk that’s about fractal complexity, interesting electronic instruments, and major major feels, watch Lars’s keynote.

PyCon US was intense. I’ve written about it a bit already, but even looking back through the stream, it was incredible, and I already miss the wonderful people I got to hang out with in Portland. A few are coming down for PyCon AU in a few months, but a lot aren’t. And although there’s this thing called the internet that allows us all to ineract in various ways, there’s nothing like just being around people. And the hugs. Oh the hugs. I thought the hugs at DjangoCon Europe were plentiful. The hugs at PyCon US nearly needed their own hashtag.

Although, there were plenty of hashtags already. Like #cookieselfie.

My entire tweet stream from #pycon2016 (and the few tweets from when I got the hashtag wrong)

[0] Yes, the puns do write themselves. :)

[1] No, I don’t think anyone else got that one when I said it at the start of Dan’s talk, either.