Legend. Legend. Dead set legend.

The Oz Brothers, worshiping Boon.

I present to you the above from yesteryear, because this is what I think of when I see my HTC Legend. Not the beer gut and chuging capabilities (although the 'leno' chin might be close-ish), but it is still the best phone I've ever had.

That being said, it is a platform, not really a phone. I can't fault the phone itself. It does everything I want it too. The only thing that annoys me are the applications.

For example, here are my current gripes:

Peep lacks the 'mention' logic of Twitter proper, where it only presents tweets starting with your alias as opposed to all tweets containing your alias. This makes it annoying when the notification bar shows you have a mention, but the application doesn't show anything.

Brightness. For the life of me I can't find any control for the brightness, apart from the Power Control widget, which has wifi/mobile/brightness, etc; but lacks an option of any other size other than 4wx1h, which is a bit annoying when you have the 'People' list which can only be 1 x 4, or 4x4. GAH. Update: thank gosh  for stand alone apps. The market place needs better searching though, brightness as a term on its own was useless

Notifications. You can't really tell what the notification is coming from, or what applications have rights to the notification bar. I had tweet notifications, and it could open one of 3 apps I had (before I removed them)... it was a bit annoying.

Removing applications. I didn't realise until after checked the entire marketplace that you could remove apps directly form there, without having to go to settings> apps> manage apps, then look though an unsorted list of all addons for the entire phone.


Having said that, I've had the phone for a few days only, so I'm sure I'll be able to fix these issues (or find more.. and then fix them).