In ruby, def one; 1; end is valid.

You call the function one, it returns the integer 1.

The return object is the last touched, so you can imply a return.

You can make it all proper formatting and get rid of the semicolon:

def one

You don’t have to have any specific intenting. You don’t have to declare any disclaimers because your function doesn’t take any inputs.

All this implied ‘stuff’ makes it really hard to jump between other more strictly defined languages such as Python - four space intent, specific function decorations, mandatory returns on methods…

You can define a function in ruby “properly”, but you don’t have to.

The same thing in Python requires:

def one():
	return 1
  • decorators
  • proper intentation
  • specific return statements

All well and good.. except..

  • intentation-based statement scope