RubyConf AU 2023 was held in Melbourne, on 16-17 February, and the videos were published very quickly, thanks to Next Day Video.

Instead of detailed notes for each talk (and this post is a week late as it is), I’ve instead collected the speaker details, video recording, any references, and importantly: a single quote, pull out, or summary for each talk.

Asynchronous Rails

Samuel Williams (Video)

Rails 7.1 will have Rack 3 Support, and the fibre/thread async model is cool.

​​mruby/c on Sega Mega Drive

Yiju Yokoo (Video Recording)

This presentation given on a Sega Mega Drive, written in embedded Ruby!

Neurodiversity: A silent disability or a super power

Shaila Man (Video Recording)

Tech might over index on neurodiversity, and medical bias exists for diagnosis.

Upgrading the Ruby Community

Pat Allan (Video Recording)


Be kind, not nice. Being nice means not rocking the boat. Being kind is different.


Rhiana Heppenstall (Video Recording)


Medical bias continues; stereotypes hurt, don’t presume label, can’t feel empathy, antisocial.

Rails Engine

Julián Pinzón Eslava (Video Recording)


Minimal Plugins -> “Engines” (Look remarkably similar to Django Apps!)

Imposter Syndrome

Prakriti Mateti (Video Recording)

Record, Evaluate, Ask, Challenge, Transform!


Hilary Stohs-Krause (Video Recording)

Talk is not about how to make your website beautiful, just not ugly.


Nate Barkopec (Video Recording)

OSS should be fun & easy way to learn.

The World Set Free

Coraline Ada Ehmke (Video Recording)

The status quo has a strong immune system.

Object Shapes

Jemma Issroff (Video Recording)

Should I change this (confusing) code? Yes! Because humans read code!

Fiona McCawley (Video Recording)

Application Level Encryption supported in Rails 7!

Hanami 2

Tim Riley (Video Recording)

A web framework should work in service of an application.

Salary Negotiation

Colleen Lavin (Video Recording)

We’re not going to fix inequality with a conference talk and a can-do attitude.

Stop fearing the NBN

Geoffrey Donaldson (Video Recording)

When you make your app better for Gloucester you make it amazing for Melbourne.

Testing in Prod

Igor Kapkov (Video Recording)

(Regarding A/B testing) Why is it okay to presume a subset of your users should just get buggy code?


Sameera Gayan (Video Recording)

Mark Your Corners: In 4-wheel-driving convoys, wait at the corner until you can see the person behind you. The convoy is as slow as the slowest person.


Wiktoria Dalach (Video Recording)


Ask the question: how can the Confidentiality/Integrity/Availability of this project be broken?

Ruby makes my brain happy

Bianca Power (Video Recording)

Developers are opinionated. We want to work with things that map with our brain.