Before all else, be graphed /

The problem

Visualizations are hard.

Infographics are shiny,
but expensive

Excel is quick,
but dirty,2817,1966179,00.asp

Quick, or Shiny

Choose one


  • Quick to create
  • Not completely hideous
  • Interactive
  • Source-driven data
  • Supports live updates
  • Shareable
  • Stateless

Tech Stack

  • Server - Ruby on Rails
  • API - RESTful Ruby
  • Visualizations
    • Rickshaw
    • D3
    • Horizon
    • Highly customized

Data Stores

  • JSON
  • Flat Files
  • Anything you like!

Data Sources

  • Nagios
  • BOM
  • Anything you like!


(Break in case of demo issues)

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Fact: around 1 in 5 speakers at LCA2015 are female

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